The Institute Of Marine Sciences Essay

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The Institute of Marine Sciences is located in Barcelona, Spain. It belongs to the CSIC natural resources area. CSIC stands for “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas”, which means the higher council for scientific research. This is the largest marine research center in Spain and it’s the most important in contributing to the research in the Mediterranean region. The ICM has four departments: Marine Biography and Oceanography, Marine Geosciences, Physical and Technical Oceanography, and Renewable Marine Resources. Some areas of research include Marine Biogeochemical Cycles, Science for the Conservation of Natural Marine Resources, Structures and Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems, Physics of the Ocean and Climate, and Marine Geosciences. Marine Biogeochemical Cycles studies how the ocean takes part in transporting and processing chemical elements that are necessary to the way the planet works. This also concentrates on the history of the sea bed so it could help predict some effects of future global change in the ocean. Science for the Conservation of Natural Marine Resources concentrates on the information necessary to conserve and sustain the marine environment. This includes research in biodiversity, exploitation of living resources and biotechnologies. Structure and Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems focuses on almost the same thing as Marine Biochemical Cycles except it studies climate, UV Radiation, hydrodynamics and biological processes. Physics of the Ocean and…

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