The Inspector Of The Chief Inspector Calls Essay

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The narrator is the Chief Inspector Uhl. He recites Eisenheim’s past when asked he knows of him and the camera angle is usually behind the inspector representing his perspective.

2. The story is told by the illusionist point of view; not Eisenheim’s but from the Inspector and the police’s. This story revolves around him unravelling and to an extent obsessing to expose Eisenheim. This obsession is driven by desire, therefore implying that he is in the state of misapprehension. His vision produces a false view of reality as the Prince is the real ‘criminal’ as he has committed misdeeds, while Eisenheim exposes them through his entertainment. Furthermore, the scene of the Prince trying to kill the Duchess is seen through the guard 's eyes. In the end, the plan behind Sophie and Eisenheim’s freedom to be together is portrayed by the Inspector when he connects all of Eisenheim discreet planned action.

3. There are four main characters in this movie. They are the son of a peasant cabinet-maker Eisenheim, the Duchess Sophie Von Teschen and the Crown Prince Leopold who both come from a royal family, and finally the Chief Inspector Walter Uhl who has a superior status by responding to the Crown Prince’s demands.

4. The two lovers, Eisenheim and Duchess Sophie, were unfortunately forbidden to see each other because of their social class: Eisenheim being in the lower class while the Duchess being in the upper class. This says that in that time period, there was a distinctive…

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