The Insanity Differer: The Case Of Jeffrey Dahmer

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Once Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested it was clear he certainly was not a normal case but did that mean he was insane? When Jeffrey Dahmer made an insanity plea the defense had the fear that he may eventually get released from the psychiatric facility. Whereas if they were to convict him he would get life in prison with no chance of parole. Jeffrey also posed a threat to society specifically the ones who fit his profile of potential victims and potential victims family members. It frightened many people that there was even a possibility of him someday walking free again to act on his disturbing crimes he had committed. The main word everyone had focused on for this insanity plea was control. The prosecutor believes Jeffrey had control at all times …show more content…
Palermo testified, but he added, "he is not psychotic." That statement definitely hurt the defense. The defense had retested twice that week and the prosecutor tried to ask the judge to end the trial at that moment with finding Jeffrey to be sane. The defense and prosecutor continued the argument after the judge said no to the prosecutor to have the trial ended. Jeffrey had been ruled clinically sane and had his trial continue. During Jeffrey’s trial it showed the disturbing side of his adult life. His trial showed an in-depth way of looking at Jeffrey from a different way such as law enforcement. Jeffrey would lure boys and young men into his apartment then drugged them and sexually assaulted them. When finished he would murder and mutilate them, sometimes cannibalize them and store several of their body parts around his apartment. He also tried experiments to make them into sex slaved zombies by using lobotomies on their brains. Jeffrey Dahmer is similar to many serial killer by collecting trophies from the murders and keeping them as mementos of his kill. His trophies were body parts. He is also like other serial killers who engage in necrophilia. Jeffrey like many other

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