The Innovations Of Community Oriented Policing Essay

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“Community policing requires changes to every part of policing, including its supervision and management, training, investigations, performance evaluation, accountability and even its values” (Stone and Travis, 2011, p. 5). The innovations of community oriented policing also helps officers identify themselves and their role in the social order. Stone and Travis (2011) further stated, “Innovations help supervisors identify officers at greater risk of engaging in misconduct” (p. 16). Police organizations must develop innovative strategies in order to be effective and efficient when faced with “technological advances, globalization of crime and increased scrutiny” (Chrismas, 2013, p. 2). Innovation could improve police and citizen relationships, and it could also help police supervisors counsel their subordinates regarding police misconducts such as excessive force. Law enforcement executives must develop innovative strategies for their organization, in order to better serve and accommodate the challenging demands of today’s society, and the growing demographics of ethnic minorities.
Recruiting Strategies
According Dempsey and Frost (2015), “The biggest challenge concerning Asian Americans in law enforcement appears to be recruitment. Asian-Americans are just not applying for the job because it seems to be a cultural issue. Parents are not encouraging their children to seek this type of employment” (p. 212). Dempsey and Frost (2015) further noted, that a law enforcement career…

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