The Innocent Defendants Have Fell Victims Of Wrongful Convictions

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For years innocent defendants have fell victims of wrongful convictions yet agencies such as the Department of Justice have failed to rectify the situation. Not only were the DOJ aware of the evidence that was incorrectly tested but defendants were never informed that such information existed and they were in fact innocent. Of the cases involved thousands of victims were said to be guilty and convicted because of faulty testing.
Most forensic science consists of ballistics, fingerprints, shoe prints, etc. Although most is accepted among participating parties in court none of them are known to be scientifically reliable. With this theory and the misguided trust in forensic science can result in a fine line between innocent and guilty for the determination of a defendant. Consequently results of this can also impact the lives when considering the death penalty. For instance, Troy Davis who was executed in 2011. Although numerous people tried to clear Davis’s name and contribute to his innocence Davis was put to death when he was in fact innocent, this as well as other cases can bring forth light on how unjust the system is and the implications it can perceive. In fact even President Carter (), just moments after Davis was put to death commented that if a person can be put to death with uncertainty that the death penalty is unjust and outdated. (p. 759)
Unfortunately Davis was not the only person to be put to death to later be found innocent. Over 140 defendants sentenced to…

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