The Inner Workings Of The Australian Prison And Correctional System

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Locked Up Down Under
On January 26, 1788 the First of what would be 11 ships carrying 1,500 people half of them being convicts arrived in Sydney Harbour. This would be the start of a new British penal colony. When the transporting ended in 1868, roughly 160,000 men and women came to Australia as convicts (“Australia’s History”). Throughout this essay I hope to inform you on the conditions, the general populous, and some of the other inner workings of the Australian Prison and correctional system.
I was informed by a friend that guns in Austraila are banned, he tells me the only people that have guns over here are police and criminals. I chuckled at this. Criminals have their ways I suppose. As of 2014 Australia’s crime rate as reported by was at 46.01%. There are roughly 30,000 people both sentenced and un-sentenced in Australian prisons today, this is according to the Australian bureau of statistics as of 2013 the number of inmates passed the 30,000 mark in June, 2013. Majority of these are male, with only about 2,000 being female. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people comprised just over a quarter total prisoner population (ABS). Age of criminal responsibility in Australia is 14 and under. This means that anyone under the age of 14 is incapable of purposely committing a crime or are otherwise have the incapacity to do so(NationMaster). In my research I have found crimes punishable by death are: treason, terrorism, drug trafficking, rape, and…

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