The Inner Game of Selling Essay

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Book Report: The Inner Game of Selling by, Ron Willingham


The Inner Game of Selling by Ron Willingham is a book that takes the idea of selling and looks at it from an entirely different perspective that what most people are used to. In fact the author expresses the idea that most of what is taught in college about how to sell is wrong. Ron alludes to the reader that selling techniques such as selling ploys, overcoming objection techniques, nail-downs, tie-downs, etc. are scaring customers away. Ron discusses that he believes selling is controlled more by an inner state of mind than by popular selling techniques that are usually taught. This idea aligns with Henry Ford’s popular quote, “Whether you think you can or
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4. Validate. 5. Negotiate. 6. Close. Ron Willingham even created an acronym for this system known as, “The AID, Inc. System.” He changed the pronunciation of “validate” to val-I-date” in order for his acronym to work. Ron believes the Approach step should be about enabling the customer to feel all the attention is on him or her and for the customer to do the majority of the talking as well. The Interview step is summed up by the salesperson finding out if a person has needs to be fulfilled or not. If they do have needs then the salesperson should learn as much about what they are as possible. Third, the Demonstration step is primarily about showing the customer how and why a product or service will provide them with the solutions they previously admitted needing. Once the “AID” part of the selling process is complete the next three of the “Inc.” are to be demonstrated. The Val-I-date step consists of translating products or service features into benefits, justifying price, offering proof and evidence, and reassuring people not to have fear in buying. Second, the Negotiate step is described as a process of working out the issues that keep people from purchasing. Lastly, the Close step is simply about asking for a decision to buy at the right time. Ron explains that the salesperson will know when it is the right time to close if they’ve first successful completed all the previous steps properly. Although, Ron Willingham says that his selling process is completely different

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