The Inner City Youth Of America Essay

1633 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
The inner city youth of America is recently being faced with immense adversity, experts estimate that every day thousands of teens in inner city areas are being recruited to join neighborhood or city wide gangs. I am calling on the members of the Rich People of America to help resolve some of the main issues that involve teenage gang related activity. According to around eighty-five percent of male juveniles in detention facilities are there for gang related activities. The magnitude of inner city teens facing frequent harassment and pressure to join gangs is more prominent in society today than ever before. Tragically, most will wind up succumbing due to fear for their lives or families. This is especially true of Hampton, Virginia a place where teenage gang crime has manifested itself into society over the last decade. Some inner city teens in this specific area actually take pride in joining a gang, as it can be seen as honorable by their peers. The solution to this problem is simple, give the teens an incentive to motivate them to stay away from delinquency by having better options such as a safe place to study and keep up with sports. Stop and Pop youth services provides a stable environment for teens to get coaching so they can possibly join a school sports team and tutoring to simply keep up with their academics. Stop and Pop Youth Services is located in Hampton, Virginia with its’ main focus being Hampton Road, an area infamous for teenage…

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