The Injury Or Trauma? Essay

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Simon is a 13-year-old male here today with his mother to establish care. They recently relocated to the area from Cane. Simon has been complaining of some bilateral, though left greater than right, knee pain.

The patient has had knee pain on and off now for at least several months. They did have this evaluated with his prior doctor. Reportedly a left knee x-ray was done. It was normal. The doctor there recommended that they just monitor it. He has the pain only when he runs and mom reports that he has even given up cross-country because he did not want to run because of the pain. He, however, still continues to play baseball and basketball, both of which do not seem to cause him to have knee pain. There has not been any locking. There is no giving out. There has been no swelling. No acute injury or trauma. I do not have the records from his prior doctor to review here today. Mom reports more recently he has not complained of knee pain. She is not sure if it is even still an issue for him or not, but wants to have me take a look.

Past Medical History
He is an otherwise healthy male. He was an uncomplicated pregnancy. He was via C-section because he was breech. Up-to-date with immunizations. He has not in the past received a flu vaccine. Mom typically does not do that, but is going to potentially considered for this season.

The patient also with allergic rhinitis, specifically to ragweed. He also has a cat allergy. They typically do not…

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