The Injury Of Acl Reconstruction Surgery Essay examples

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Tear and Repair
Amanda was in her sophomore year of soccer season when she heard the pop of her knee that cut her season short. The next thing she knew, she was at the doctor’s office, who told her she had an ACL tear, and was not sure if she could play again. From there it was boiled down to two options. One was to re-strengthen her knee through rehabilitation, physical therapy and bracing, or to undergo an ACL reconstruction surgery. Although it is costly and some may consider it frivolous, those who have encountered ACL tears should receive the reconstruction surgery instead of attending rehabilitation for the damage to their knee, because it dramatically lessens the chances of meniscal injuries and osteoarthritis occurring later and allows the patient to return back to their sport or physical activity with better knee mobility and less pain in a timely manner.
Everyday an athlete goes to practice or a game, putting on a possibility of getting injured. A common one of those injuries is the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, better known as the ACL. When sports that require quick pivoting and harsh landings became more popular, such as soccer and basketball, ACL injuries quickly multiplied. Since kids, teens, and even adults usually focus on one sport, it often occurs that they can overuse and exert their body causing injury to the ACL (Young Athletes 10).
With nearly 200,000 cases per year, and women being injured much more than men, 4-10 times more often to be…

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