Essay about The Injury Of A Game Changer

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A Game Changer

Throughout sports today we see many injuries. The level in which an athlete must preform has changed in the past decade. The athletes are becoming bigger, faster, and stronger. Being an athletic training you must now raise your level of expertise in order to meet the demand of the athlete. With this increase level of play we can see injuries becoming more and more outstanding. I will be talking about the injury called an Unhappy Triad. This is one of sports uncommon yet very serious injury. This injury is an athletes worse nightmare; it is when the knee has so much force exerted onto it three structures are injured in the process. This is ultimately a career-ending injury if you are unfortunate enough to sustain it. Another name for the Unhappy Triad is the O’Donoghue unhappy triad (Gaillard). This is of course named after the first doctor who described the injury, Dr. DH O’Donoghue. This injury is common through contact sports because the amount of force needed to experience this injury is only found through contact sports (Sports Injury Clinic). These sports include football, soccer, volleyball etc. Sports such like these are where we find the most athletes being treated for it, in which case the only real known cause of the injury is a direct blow or force. When the foot is planted in the ground and an opposing force causes the knee to twist in the wrong direction. With this unnecessary force, it causes three main structures of the knee to be torn.…

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