Essay on The Inhumane Act Of Animal Testing

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Price of Beauty When one walks into any Target, Macy’s, or Sephora they see a wide variety of cosmetics. There is mascara that promises to make one’s eyelashes look 300 times fuller and perfume that smells like a fresh garden. However, there is hardly any thought on whether these products will burn one’s eyes or cause a rash; this is because animals are taking the pain for the price of beauty. In the cosmetics industry alone, it is estimated that 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die every year in America due to testing ("About Cosmetics Animal Testing : Humane Society International"). These tests are performed without strict regulations on the procedures that can be practiced or the way animals are treated. The inhumane act of animal testing in the cosmetic industry must have universal regulations to protect the rights and prevent any abuse of the animals being tested. Animal testing for cosmetics started in 1938 after dozens of women went blind because of a faulty chemical in Lash Lure, a popular mascara of the time ("Why Do Companies Test Cosmetics or Other Products on Animals?"). The use of chemicals in cosmetics was not a common practice just before this incident. This is when animal testing started to gain popularity because companies did not want to have the reputation of having unsafe products. According to the article "Animals Used in Testing", companies test their products for three reasons: safety, efficacy and liability. A product must be safe in order to put…

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