Essay on The Infrared Laser Communication System

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A data collection experiment was conducted in an open field near Joshua Tree Desert, Twentynine Palms, CA,
92277, during the nighttime hours of 9 pm to 5 am from June 6 to June 9, 2013. The exact position of the transmitter is (34◦13013.1”N,116◦09032.5”W) with 700m altitude. The background noise is lower than the test sensitivity/ not present on the test and the atmosphere condition is with little change. Meanwhile, the terrain was relatively flat and was located a significant distance away from any considerable optical noise sources (such as illumination devices).
The outdoor temperature ranged from 23.8◦C to 33.8◦C, the average wind speed during the testing was 3.86 m/s, and the average relative humidity was 16.14%. All of the measurements that are reported here were collected using the UV laser communication system depicted in Fig. 2.

The transmitter is a compact Q-switched fourth-harmonic ND:YAG 266 nm laser that outputs pulses with an average optical output power of 3.3 mJ, a nominal pulse width of 3 ns, and a 3 mrad beam full angle. This laser provides sufficient energy for channel measurements out to several kilometers depending on the system geometry, which was adjusted through the use of rotation stages with precise motorized angular control. Synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver was achieved via two synchronized GPS CNS II clocks that each output one pulse per second. At the transmitter, the GPS signal was supplied to a pulse delay generator…

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