The Informative And Constitutive Approach Of Organizational Communication Case Study

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Case Study: The Informative and Constitutive Approach of Organizational Communication
If communication provides organizations the ability to shape their reality, then there must exists a sustainable citizenship to support the ongoing interactions that give substance to the organization’s mold. Munshi and Kurian define sustainable citizenship as “working with the [logical discussions of investigating the truths] of complex issues (2015, p.154).” Without sustainable citizenship, organizations would not excel beyond their economic self-interest because there would be no communication of marginalized issues impacting decisions to uphold a shared reality of sustainable purpose (Munshi & Kurian, 2015). Munshi’s and Kurian’s argument on sustainable
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In 2014, the owners were receiving emails concerning the company’s future. Their response was to start having quarterly meetings in 2015. In the first meeting, both owners expressed that these meetings would provide insight to the company’s direction. However, it consisted of spreadsheets, graphs, and sales updates. The owners are failing to realize that the company’s future is more than just numbers and figures. It would be a great if the company’s was simple and all their employees were accountants and mathematicians, but they are not. So, the meetings and the information conveys no social realities to the employees. This shows how conventional communications such as meetings of figures and numbers show the company’s health but it does not communicate the company’s direction for the future beyond figures and numbers. So, the physical shape of the organizations does not necessarily mold the social realities of it. This also shows the different perceptions of the company’s direction. The owners rely on figures because they want to retire and receive a paycheck from their business whereas the employees rely on discussions regarding changes in management and business …show more content…
There is the informative view of communication where communication takes place within organizations. These are the physical forms of communication such as, emails, memos, and meetings. Koschmann describes it as a water cooler that contains a communicative flow that is distributed and shaped by the physical container that contains the shared knowledge (Koschmann, 2012). The other form is the constitutive view of communication where organizations are communicative, or as Koschmann states, “organization as communication (2012).” The best way to illustrate this concept is the conversation that occurs outside and at the water cooler while absorbing the information. In the case for VE, the water cooler is empty and there is no communicative flow to bring the employees together for water cooler conversations. If there is a communicative flow, it is not refreshing to the employees to get a second cup of it to keep the conversation going or there does not exist a physical container to hold it in their

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