The Information On Early Brain Development Essays

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A- The information on early brain development is confirming how young children learne , and imlications of that understanding will be included. In that process where the information get together and be organizing it, the infants and toddlers using it to adapt the ability to combine known things in new ways and the world make the essence of the cognitive experience. At the Eric I Knuden article " Sensitive Periods in the Development of the Brain and Behavior" I read a facts that is important to cognitive experience, so sensitive periods are reflected in behavior, and they are actually a property of neural circuits. For example, a child is lying on his back on a rug surrounded by a few toys. He stretches, and the movement couses him to touch the baby doll which make sounds. In his maind came the question " Who did that." and the neural circuits by innate influences was giving the mesag in braine and respond in the repeats the action, again and again tentatively to lying and still other toy that he think make sounds too. The range of potential patterns of connectivity is narrow , and alternative pattems are not stable and, therefore, cannot be maintained, but the child was thinking all the toys make sounds and he lies still again to passes the toys, in front of his eyes and a spark of interest comes over his face. His eyes serch for the source of the sound. In this example, I remember, both Piaget and Vygotsky who believed that play is extremely important to the child 's…

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