The Influential Power Of Charles Dickens Essay

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The Influential Power of Charles Dickens

Every so often, a writer of incomparable talent comes and leaves their mark on the world. People like William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Stephen King, for example, have used the written art form to create masterpieces that transcend time and are immortalized in the consciousness of people of all races and time periods. Classics such as, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Romeo and Juliet and The Hobbit are all novels that most people, regardless of where they come from, have heard about. Amongst the kings and queens of literature, one stands out from the rest. This man is Charles Dickens.

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on February the 7th 1812 in Hampshire England to John and Elizabeth Dickens. [2] In his formative years he had an idyllic yet humble upbringing. At a young age he was very fond of books and had a wonderful, almost photographic, memory of things. When Charles turned 12 however, his life was to change dramatically. His father was imprisoned for debt and he was forced to work at a shoe polish factory in order to help his family pay it off. His stint at the factory would leave him psychologically scarred. This was to be his first experience with poverty and would help mold him into a powerful voice for the working class. After working for a few months, his father was released and Charles went back to school, permanently changed from his experience. In 1830, he began working as a shorthand reporter in the courts…

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