The Influences On Todd 's Growth Essay

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The Influences on Todd’s Growth “Are you a man or an amoeba?” Mr. Keating asked Todd Anderson when Todd didn’t answer his simple question in front of the class. In the beginning of the movie, it seemed that Todd was more like an amoeba than a man. It didn’t appear that Todd reacted to any of Keating’s words, nor did Todd speak up in class. Todd’s only goal was to live up to his brother’s standards because that is what his parents wanted, even though he and his brother were not alike. Todd’s Maslovian need of belonging was not being met by his parents, as they only paid attention to the success of his brother. This meant that his upper level needs of esteem and self-actualization were not being met either, so Todd could not grow as a person. However, the students at Welton Academy and Mr. Keating help Todd meet his needs and grow into a man. Todd can be characterized by the influence of his parents, Neil Perry, and Mr. Keating and how he changes because of those influences.
The influence that Todd’s parents have is evident in Todd’s lack of confidence. His parents expect him to be like his valedictorian brother, but Todd is afraid of failing their ideal. The school authorities also expect this of Todd as Mr. Nolan says, “You have some big shoes to fill, young man. Your brother was one of our finest.” Because of this, Todd is also afraid to speak up, lest he get an answer wrong and be deemed unsuccessful. In order to feel love from his parents and meet his Maslovian need for…

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