Essay on The Influences Of Society And Culture

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The World In Which We Live
The influences of Society and Culture.

Many factors are evident in the decision-making of why anyone wants to drink, especially youth, although society and culture are possibly the two most important factors. These almost-essential factors convey the thoughts and attitudes of a certain individual 's culture, society and essentially their identity. As each society and each culture has their own rules and beliefs on the consumption of alcohol, it is sometimes very hard for adolescents to make up their own minds on whether to consume alcohol or not. This could lead to adolescence drinking from a much undesired early stage of their lives. Societies have a wide range of ideologies surrounding the topic of alcohol. For instance, Australian society is famous around the world for the way its people consume alcohol, while predominantly Muslim countries such as Bangladesh are famous for its absence. Australian’s drink to celebrate not only special occasions, but also to signify the end of the working day, as well as a the end of the day in general. This means that generations have grown up thinking that this almost excessive-drinking behaviour is the ‘norm’ and not a potentially harmful practice. The United Kingdom is much the same in its almost excessive drinking behaviour, although its people often use consumption as a clear symbol of the end of the working day, instead of the symbol of the end of any normal day.Societies such as the United Kingdom…

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