The Influences Of Self Esteem Essay

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1. List the influences of self-esteem and give an example of each one. Have any of these factors influenced your self-esteem? How so?
Culture – The school, neighborhood, ethnicity, and religion in a culture influences the amount of self esteem a child may posses. For example, a child who attends a school that is based on their religion, such as a Lutheran or Catholic school, will have a strong sense of self-esteem. Since everyone at the school has the same basis for morals and beliefs, the child will feel more accepted.
Gender-Stereotyped expectations – In academic self-judgments, boys scored higher in math, science, and physical self-esteem where as girls scored higher in language arts self-esteem. The difference in self-esteem between girls and boys is fairly close, regardless of the belief that boys have higher self-esteem than girls.

Child-Rearing Practices – When a parent uses authoritative child-rearing practices, their child will most likely have higher self-esteem. When the parents are positive, the children are more likely to accept themselves. Parents who are too controlling, tend to have children who are self-conscious. These children usually need constant reassurance and peer compliments. The best way for parents to build self-confidence in children is to encourage them to complete worthwhile goals. An example of this is a parent who disciplines their children for doing something wrong, such as tying their shoes, rather than helpfully correcting the child.…

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