The Influences Of Children 's Books Essay

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The Influences of Children’s Books Since its debut in 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling has received much criticism and controversy on whether or not Christian children and adults should be allowed to read the book, due to the fact that it contains demonic forces and witchcraft. Nathan Hill, who is a published author in The Personalist Forum, discusses this ongoing controversy in detail in his article “Harry Potter and Other Evils, or How to read from the Right”.
Like many people who rejected the Harry Potter craze, Nathan Hill ignored Harry Potter until his curiosity got peaked when a parent requested legal counsel to contest the reading curriculum at the local public junior high school. The parent claimed Harry Potter has the power to indoctrinate children, and should be banned just like Christian Bible. After this incident, Hill decided to write his thesis on whether or not Harry Potter can be considered harmless fun or Satan worship.
When Hill started his article, instead of using his own opinions and points to outline his argument, he used other various authors’ points of view to be able to come with an unbiased conclusion. First, Hill sought out the writings of Richard Abanes, who is most famous for writing the book Harry Potter and the Bible. Abanes argues in his book that children cannot determine reality from fiction, because Rowling seemingly weaves the two together. Therefore, he claims the children, who read Harry Potter and the…

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