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The Influencer: the power to change by Patterson, (2008) and the three sides of miserable jobs by Lencioni, (2007) are peculiar books used by a myriad of managers across the globe to enhance employee reproductively. The authors of the books appreciate the fact that a number of people undergo different challenges in the course of their duty. Most of them seldom have the motivation to perform their duties diligently. The employers are therefore not able to fully exploit the potentials of the employees. The two books are relevant when used together given that they both propose some of the best ways managers can adopt to improve the performance of their staff members. Lencioni presents the managers with some of the best ways of engaging employees …show more content…
Patterson, (2008) states some of the things that do not work when dealing with employees. They argue that you cannot decide and advise the employees to change their behaviors without any justifiable reason. The behavior of the staff can be easily changed into what they believe is in their best interest. Therefore the most fundamental thing is to change that belief. Lencioni, (2007) explores some of the reasons behind job misery amongst employees across the globe. He opposes the belief that the only thing that matters in job is well paying and interesting jobs. He discusses some of the causes of job miseries and reasons for high employee turnover in different places of work. According to Lencioni, the three fundamental causes of job misery are im-measurement, irrelevance and anonymity. He believes that the concepts are regarded as easy to address though in most cases a myriad of managers rarely solve them. The book therefore develops approaches that help in dealing with the …show more content…
The model focuses on the elimination of the three causes of job misery as stated above. The author holds the focus should be on the elimination of the causes of the problem.

It is important for the managers to understand that the employees are the best asset they have. Training employees is costly to the organization and they must ensure that they remain as productive as possible. One of the lesson leaders learn from the books is that only individuals can change their behavior and therefore management should adopt practices that make them change their behavior. They also learn that the only way to handle job misery amongst employees is dealing with the core problems that are rarely discussed. The management also appreciates the fact that employee retention is not only in high salaries but job satisfaction.
The management can use the information to creative an effective environment by ensuring that they understand some of the problems faced by the employees. It’s important to engage the employees to understand some of their challenges and adopt a customized solution for

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