The Influence of Western Fashion to Japanese Fashion Essay example

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What is the influence of Western fashion to Japanese fashion? Submitted by: Nicole Marie~Madeleine C. Alberto III-Kagitingan General Description of the Study Japanese fashion is one of the most remarkable things about Japan. It is another dimension in itself, complete with subcultures such as the Gothic Lolita and Kogals. Many people are intrigued by how Japanese fashion developed and people all over the world try to dress up like the Japanese because in Japan, there is no such as thing as conformity. Everyone has their own distinct style that sets them apart from others, no matter what subculture they belong to. People all over the world consider Tokyo as one of the fashion capitals of the world. When people discuss …show more content…
Those practicing the traditional art of Japan’s tea ceremony are also often sighted to wear kimonos more often than the average Japanese. There was a Japan Youth Culture Study that was conducted in the year 2007 by Label Networks, wherein they asked 15-30 year-olds in Japan on which country they believe is producing the freshest fashion trends today. The results are as follows: 32.8% voted that the United States of America, or the USA, is producing the freshest fashions today, followed by their motherland, Japan, at 23.4%, United Kingdom or UK at 16.4%, and other Western countries at 27.4% (Label Networks). When you add up all the votes for all the countries sans Japan, it is a whopping 76.6%, which means that 76.6% believe that Western countries are leading in the fashion industry nowadays. Through the study, it just goes to show that the younger the demographic, the higher the percentages that believe that Western countries are producing the freshest fashions today. Popular Fashion Districts in Japan Harajuku is known to be the center of Japanese fashion subculture, dubbed also as the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures because cosplay (wherein one dresses like his/her favorite animé or cartoon character) and Lolita fashion are prevalent in this particular area. Ginza is a district more popularly known as Tokyo’s fashion capital, because it is where one can find an endless strip of the most exclusive and most

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