The Influence Of Video Games Essay

1266 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
Daphne Bavelier strongly suggest in most moderation that gaming is more beneficial then more thought of. Video Games is a widely known source of multimedia entertainment. It 's impact on the general population of society on the other hand is questioned time to time by various researchers and also concerned parents. This essay is based on Tedtalks discussion and Daphne Bavelier 's review on the influence & effects on constant video game users & society. The use of multimedia in education has significantly changed people’s learning processes.While video game playing is regarded somewhat negative and others see it as a positive in educational setting. My research is based on data obtained from various analyses on young children but mostly the general public. Some also say its influential use in a teaching and learning context is crucial in modern society. Video games are known to be strong learning tools but the lessons that are taught from it can either be positive or negative depending on the game and its contents. If chosen wisely, researches have found that video games can actually enhance some skills.Its said that video games is strongly known as learning and teaching tool. But it is still undecided whether or not if the power is mainly good or bad. But an overview of the video that Daphne Bavelier took part gives an exceptional insight on how action based video games affect the views of perception, and attention. This also shows the importance of action based video games…

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