Reflective Essay On Vampire Diaries

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Vampire Diaries depicted young teenagers having premarital sex. True Blood was the first HBO program that I was exposed to. At first the explicit content was a shock, but after a while I got used to it. Media has had a huge effect on the way that I view sexuality. While I do not think it has completely shaped my views, I am aware that it has made me more comfortable and open to the idea of sex.
One of the biggest relationships that have influenced me is the relationship that I have with my parents. My father was not the best husband and my mother left him when I was seven-years-old. That event made a huge impact on my views regarding premarital sex. I did not want to end up like my mother, who had only ever had sex with one person
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Specifically my religion and relationships had a large influence on me when I was younger because I took the information my religious leaders and family gave me as viewpoints that were naturally accepted. As I grew older I began to be exposed to films, television shows, and music that were more open to different views on sexuality. Although I have developed my own opinions based off of my own personal feelings, I have still been influenced by a variety of factors in my life. Even if I have adopted my own religious beliefs, there is no denying that some of the Mormon teachings have made an influence on my views. The relationships I have had in my life have made a huge impact on how I view my relationships with others. Over time I have grown to possess my own personal opinions about sexuality, but several factors in my life have continued to help shape those …show more content…
Members of the LGBTQ community should not be discriminated against because of their gender and sexual preferences. They should be able to marry the person they desire and be able to live as the gender they identify with, without having to worry about how their peers will treat them. Discrimination against gay and transgendered people is as equally important as any other civil rights issue.
Whether or not gay and transgender people feel safe at school or at work is incredibly important. Employees that are gay and transgendered are entitled to the same rights that any American citizen has and they should be protected from discrimination. In his article, Thompson (2015), explains how religious organizations are exempt from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. One of the issues that Thompson (2015) discusses is that the exemption is defined too broadly, resulting in religious organizations refusing to hire gay and transgendered employees even if the organization does not provide a religious function. Thompson (2015) suggests that religious organizations should not be exempt from hiring people based off of their sexual preferences or gender. An employer should not be able to hire someone based off of whether or not he or she is LGBTQ because it is violation of that person’s civil rights. Discrimination in the workplace is an issue that gay and transgendered employees should not have to continue

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