The Influence Of Three Significant Political Events During Rome From The Punic Wars Through The Reign Of Constantine

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Describe the impact of three significant political events in Rome from the Punic Wars through the reign of Constantine. (You should pull single events, not movements, from across the time frame. For example, “the collapse of the Republic” is not an event, it is a process or movement. “Octavian’s victory over Antony’s forces in the Battle of Actium” is an event. And yes, you can use that as one of your choices – but you have to support your choice, not merely list three events.)
The Roman Empire encompassed the British Isle and the lands of the Mediterranean and Black Seas which include Spain, France, Corsica, Greece, Asia Minor, (modern day Turkey) Crete, Cyprus, Palestine, and the northern coast of Africa. The expanse of land in addition to the cultural leaps in art, literature, philosophy, and politics helped make the Roman Empire was one of the most important kingdoms in world history. However, even the great and mighty Rome fell after 509 years of power and prosperity. There were three significant events that led to Rome’s demise: the murder of the Gracchus brothers, the tetrarchy of Diocletian, and the Battle of Adrianople. The Gracchus brothers’ assassination set the precedent of the gaining political supremacy through any means, including murder. Tiberius was part of the tribunal, a government body that represented the common people. During that time, most of the farmland was owned by the wealthy, aristocratic patricians. Even if an impoverished plebian…

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