The Influence Of The Downfall In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In the play Macbeth, there is lots of people being manipulative and influence the main character. The main influences throughout the play were females like the witches and also lady macbeth. Influence could’ve been the reason of Macbeth’s downfall, but it also could be his own fault. The influence was the start but he continued and ended it all by himself with the leverage that was also provided by Lady Macbeth. Macbeth never was threatened or forced to do any of the deeds, but somehow he still went through with the plans. People may argue that the Witches are to blame for Macbeth’s downfall, but truthfully Macbeth was not obligated to consummate the prophecies and murders.
Macbeth is to blame for the debacle of his reign as king because of the curiosity that got him obligated to listen to the witches. Curiosity get people into deep trouble and Shakespeare shows a good example with Macbeth. Shakespeare gives Macbeth unique characteristics that distincts him from the others. “Then live Macduff: what need I fear of thee? But yet I’ll make assurance double sure, And take a bond of fate. Thou shalt not live; That I may tell pale-hearted fear it lies, And sleep in spite of thunder” (Shakespeare 4.1.81-85). The quote explains his need to hear
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Violence is not the answer, but during this time Macbeth made it seem that way to the audience. This was the first idea that came to his idea when the witches told him about the prophecies.“But wherefore could not I pronounce ‘Amen’? I had most need of the blessing, and ‘Amen’ Stuck in my throat”(Shakespeare 2.2.41-43). This shows that he was afraid of what he had done after he did it. The impact of his wife was what got him to do what he did. Without her imprint, he would have been too scared and backed out of his plan. So, this could’ve be proof for the other side, but he didn’t have to do anything that she

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