The Influence Of The Civil Rights Movement

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What happened prior and subsequent to Briggs v. Elliott (South Carolina) or Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County [Virginia]? Prior, a protest took place and subsequent, a group of people filed a lawsuit.

Now we will critically analyze and compare the sequence of the two situations to today’s conditions. Since the civil rights movement people of color have rallied, protested, and rioted to influence social and constitutional change. What did their efforts change? Modjeska Simkins, Huey Newton, John Conyers, and Thurgood Marshall were black people who used their political power to inflict permanent change for people of color. Modjeska took part in writing the declaration on Clarendon Country component of “Separate but equal”
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black lives matter movements are irrelevant to what we want from the university based off of the list of demands. The list of demands are unprofessional, rude, non-rational, display lack of awareness and literacy, and are not proficient for numerous of reasons. In the professional world, if you want something you do not verbally command it. For example, if you obtain an internship or job you do not go to them and say “ I demand paid vacations, I demand yearly bonuses, etc.” That is not the way things work. In 1966, the black panthers made a list of demands to local, state, federal and government officials state their “wants” in the black community which were never addressed by any government officials. It is not just because they were black, it was because they lacked the knowledge and awareness of the legislative …show more content…
It is similar to debating about two different sports team but not acknowledging why you should support on over the other. “Black lives matter” is not a damn statement! It’s a organization that fights for a cause, with that being said, anyone that rejects the statement of black lives mattering and says “all lives matter” does not know that “black lives matter” is a organization with a purpose not a statement. Moreover, saying “all lives matter” is the same as saying “black lives matter” because black lives are part of all lives. If anyone get upset or oppress because someone says all lives matter in response to black lives matter you are just as ignorant as the person that said the former .Lastly, it is never smart to send an email to a public official asking an ass ignorant question. When writing a bill/resolution, or a “demand” as BSA calls it, that requires funds,stating where the money will come from is necessary; officials don’t pull money out their

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