The Influence Of The Church On Beliefs Of Homosexuality And Transgender People

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The main focus of this video is the influence of the church on beliefs of homosexuality and transgender people, and how these beliefs are not necessarily true. There are people that argue the morality of these gender identities, and scripture from the Holy Bible is used as the foundation of these beliefs. Homosexuality is seen by certain churches as an abomination, a disgrace and unacceptable in society. Throughout the video, different families are interviewed about this subject, and each of the families had a homosexual child. Their stories go into detail about how the children were fearful of telling their religious families of their true sexual identity. Church had a big influence of these families, mainly because of the different interpretations of the Holy Bible. The video goes into depth about sexual identity, transgender people, and homosexuality. The film was mainly describing the different views of churches and homosexual people by interpreting the scripture in different ways. The topic of homosexuality is used throughout the film because the purpose was to inform viewers of the scientific facts behind their sexual difference. The bible is used for most arguments, but facts about the bible need to be taken into account. The bible was written during a time of where reproduction of humans was a constant thought because of the growth of nations. The stories that churches reference are taken very literal instead of interpreting the text in a comprehensive way. Those…

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