The Influence Of The American Market Revolution

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From the moment the first Europeans stepped onto this continent the Americas have gone through changes, and those perpetual changes helped shape the United States as we know it today. Once this country was vast and sparsely populated with native Indians, then the foreigners came and slowly pushed the Indians west. By the 1770’s the United States pushed Great Britain away because of the infractions against the citizen’s liberties, resulting in the American Revolution in 1775. As Americans claimed their independence with the signing of the treaty of Paris and the creation of the declaration of Independence, a new order of government had to be created. The Articles of Confederation became the basis for building the new national government. Additionally, representation in congress, separation of powers, and a division of power was decided and is still the foundation of our government. …show more content…
Eventually with the coming of the Market revolution the economy would prosper, politics would be robust and this would spur the second great awakening. As the country began to add states to the union the issue of slavery became more of an issue, and even the Missouri compromise could not stop what was soon to be the civil war. By 1865 the civil war was coming to an end and would provide more civil rights for more Americans, end slavery, and provide the government an opportunity to take a more active role in the economy. Even though America was destined for change, the changes that fashioned the market revolution and the arguments over the role of the federal government, were changes that caused much controversy because of key; social, economic, and political changes that took place from 1770’s to the

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