The Influence Of Television On Society And Its Culture Essay

1496 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Television and film has become a reflection of western society and its culture through the influences and demands of the audience. More specifically, television had become a medium where viewers get to escape reality; it is a representation, a cartoon, and a caricature of westernized culture. We have allowed television throughout the years to become the main depiction of what we value and idealize as a collective group. Conversations and opinions on social topics like race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are stimulated by content created from past and present television shows. And in return, society influences television content on these same issues. This symbiotic relationship is a quintessential example of a reflection looking upon a reflection. Similarly, television content is like the process of creating a portrait. First, the model–society– is the focal point and the painter creates enhancements and modifications of the model to their liking. It is an escape from the imperfections and the drabness from reality. Then, the painter–producers, writers, show runners, etc– incorporates elements within the portrait like the background, the costume, and the objects surrounding the model to create a pleasing aesthetic and environment for the model to accept, praise, and pay the painter. This is television and its relationship to its audiences. It is a cycle of people refining people. Throughout the ages of television, we can conclude what values, ideals and opinions…

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