Essay On The Influence Of Social Media On Sex Education

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Due to the high number of teens on social media, 9 out of 10, various platforms may be used to educate them about sexual intercourse and safe sex(Blaszczak-Boxe). If most teens spend most of their time on social media, social media platforms may be a great influence to teens in order for them to become educated on sexual education. For example, commercials who were made with the intention of promoting the harmful effects of smoking aimed to teenagers have shown an extreme influence on the rates of teenage smokers. If the United States made it a priority to fund advertisements on social media on the many ways teens may prevent teenage pregnancy and STI’s, there is a high chance of there being a decrease in sexual intercourse effects amongst …show more content…
Having no places around them where they may attend in order to become more informed, other than school, teens may not feel encouraged to learn more about the consequences of being sexually active. Like the educative commercials about sexual education, there should also be funds going towards the opening of educative places teenaged kids may go to in order to become more informed. By providing teens with resources outside of school, they may feel more encouraged to learn about sexual education without being concerned about their parents or peers finding out as some teens may find it shameful. Such workshops should have qualified educators providing teens with realistic viewpoints. Usually, such resource centers provide teens with medically inaccurate information. Also, most resource centers today only try to convince teens to not have sex before marriage, the abstinence viewpoint is not effective because other than providing teens with inaccurate information, they do not delay the onset of sexual intercourse amongst teens. These centers will also serve teens as encouragement to be more cautious when being sexually active, further reducing the amount of teenagers who become pregnant every

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