College Admission Essay

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The cultural foundation on which I was raised is a fundamental factor in who I am today. One of the reasons that I am who I am is because I am in college. Attending college is a norm that I always intended to follow. Neither of my parents attended college, but I was always told that I had to attend. The expectation of going to college motivated me to get good grades in high school. I knew that I needed scholarships, so I had to try my best, and it led to the academic success that I have. Because I pushed myself, I realized that I am great at math. Although I am no longer in a major that focuses on math, I am a tutor on campus. Without the push to go to college, I would have never found my love for learning. One value that I have been taught is to not be a judgmental person because I never know what situation a person is in. My friendships have been affected by this value. One of my friends, that I met in kindergarten, came out to me in ninth grade. I went to a Christian school, so this was very frowned upon. Because my parents raised me to not judge people, I did not stop talking to her or treat her any differently like other people did. Because of this, she has trusted me and I have helped talk her out of committing …show more content…
I have always been very close to my family, so it is hard being away from them for long periods of time. Two of the statuses that I hold are daughter and older sister. The role I play for each is very important. As a daughter, my parents want me to achieve more than they did when they were my age. As an older sister, I am expected to take care of my brother when needed. These roles that I play have influenced me to be very mature in my upbringing. I was the only child in my family that was in my age group growing up, so I always was around the adults. This helped me mature into the person I am, because I skipped most of the immaturity that most young people go

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