Succumbing To Social Pressure Research

Social pressure is defined as the direct influence on people by peers, or the effect on an individual who gets encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitudes, values, or opinions to conform to those influencing the group or individual. When faced with a situation involving outside pressure to complete a task, a person has two choices; to resist the coercion or to succumb to it. Most people have experienced and succumbed to social pressure because of many influencing factors, but others have the individuality to resist such factors. The concept of succumbing to social pressure is cultivated by friends, or colleagues, or the presence of an authority figure, whereas the concept of resisting social pressure is influenced by questioning …show more content…
If something is against a person’s morals and they, “ stop and ask [themself], ‘is this something i would do on my own initiative’ ” they may be able to follow their own will and decide for themself (source 4). In questioning the authority of a demand or action a person can see if they truly do not agree with the idea presented. By doing this a person can defy the majority or the demand in favor of agreeing with their pre-established morals. An example of this could be resisting drinking or doing drugs with peers because you do not agree with the idea of it. As well as taking a minute to decide the path to take, finding an ally in a group with the same opinion can be helpful in resisting social pressures as well. When in a group, deciding against the majority can be difficult, but by finding, “ an ally in the group who shares your perceptions and is willing to join you in opposing the objectionable commands” it may be easier to resist the pressure(source 4). Because of the need for humans to be accepted in groups it makes it very hard to disagree, but when someone with the same opinion as you may have, resisting becomes easier. Being part of a small group that protests the majority’s decision can help you to not succumb to the ideas being questioned. Going back to the previous example of being pressured into doing drugs or drinking with friends, if you want to resist and there is another person who also does not want to participate, leaving the group becomes easier. Resisting social pressure can be hard, but by questioning the demands and one’s own morals, and finding an ally, resisting social pressure can be

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