The Influence Of Social Media On Adverting Essay

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The impact of social media on adverting is great because it’s like free promotion. Social media which include applications like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, along with others. These social media outlets have helps business advertise new deals and promotions at absolutely no charge. One of the best companies I see on social media daily is Taco Bell. They have a snapchat account which they update daily and they are able to get people interactive with them by offering free food. Ledo’s Pizza is also an amazing company when it comes to social media advertisement.

According to Forbes, “Every opportunity you have to syndicate your content and increase your visibility is valuable.” These companies have a chance to make their brand become the top brand because they can promote to the youth. When you log into your twitter account the first thing you see is a McDonald all day breakfast ad. Social media makes it easier for these brands to put their face at the front of every app someone opens. I was on the Forbes website and I had to watch a commercial about an Audi before I could even go to the website. Another thing that’s amazing about social media is that these brands now become just like a normal person, they can see what we want. For example, Ledos and Pizza Hut go back and forth on Twitter about who has the best pizza which gets the consumer interested and usually wants to try both so they can put their input on the situation on Twitter.

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