The Influence Of Snapchat On Care Facilities And Some Of The Instances That Were Give Were Taking Pictures?

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exie Tyrer
Raandi Schmidt/ Kelly Mitchel
Nursing Assistant (31733)
Snapchat Article This article was focused around the use of Snapchat in care facilities and some of the instances that were give were taking pictures or videos and posting them. Some of the things shared were photos or videos of some of the residents were completely naked or only partially naked. In 2012 only 35 of these were reported, some of which did lead to criminal charges. There were a few of the instances given in this article. One of the examples was a rehab center in Washington, where a video was posted of a resident sitting on a bedside commode with their pants below their knees, with two nursing assistants in the background laughing and singing. Another instance was a nursing assistant in Illinois took a video of an elderly women with Dementia, that was being slapped in the face with a nylon strap while the women was crying and saying “No! No!”. One more was a nursing assistant posted on Facebook of them tugging at the back of a resident’s head pulling her hair, while they were insulting her. There are a lot of other instances, these are the ones that stuck with me the most. A lot of care facilities have put no cell phone policies into place, but are struggling to enforce them. In chapter three of our nursing assistant text book, it was talking about different legal terms. Two that stuck with me and were related to the article I read were abuse and negligence. Abuse is when you…

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