The Influence Of Racism In The Civil War

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Bars and Stars On June 17th, 2015 Dylann Roof walked into Emmanuel African Methodist Church in South Carolina, sat for an hour, then decided to open fire during a prayer service. He violently took the lives of nine innocent and unsuspecting victims, including the pastor and a state senator. Sadly, all of the victims were uncoincidentally African American. Roof’s shooting spree was labeled a hate crime after photos of Roof posing with several white supremacy items surfaced. The majority of the photos included the proud presentation of the Confederate flag (Chuck). The car he drove to the church that night was even proudly donned with a Confederate flag license plate, henceforth sparking the national debate about the racism of the flag and whether …show more content…
Many argue that the flag doesn 't represent slavery because that wasn’t the main issue the Civil War was fought over.While slavery may not have been the only issue which sparked the war, it remained an integral part of the Confederacy. The Washington Post’s Carlos Lozada cites another historian’s work with making the point that the Civil War was fought over defending states and property; the pertinent detail that is forgotten is that slaves were considered property. To defend the “spirit of the Confederacy” is to defend slavery. Many Neo-Confederates argue that the flag holds no meaning of slavery, however, in Hilary Hanson’s article, “Why The Confederate Battle Flag Is Even More Racist Than You Think,” she cites the declarations of secession of several southern states, quoting many that “explicitly cite threats to slavery as reasons for secession.” There is no way around the cold, hard fact that the Confederacy represented slavery and defended it to death.
The Confederate flag is a constant reminder of slavery and injustice to African Americans. In response to the tragic shooting in Charleston, the Governor of South Carolina made the executive decision to remove the controversial flag from the state building after five decades. She recognized the importance of the flag to residents, but also recognized the much bigger issue at

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