The Influence Of SAT Scores

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Implicit associations are formed automatically through social experiences and unconscious biases are held as negative attitudes and behaviors towards a social group. The influence of these biases is seen everywhere, including educational forums. Public school systems in the nation reached 49.8 million students grades pre-k through 12th in 2014 and the Department of Defense Education Activity 's (DoDEA) facilities 2014 enrollment was 83,000 students. Exploring the demographic information and academic performance as relative to SAT results will show that minority students attending DoDEA facilities, specifically, Hispanic and African American show greater academic performance on SAT’s, than that of their civilian counterparts. SAT’s are standardized …show more content…
DoDEA facility students (n=1000) and public school students (n=1000) similar in family dynamics of size and income will take an Implicit Association Test for Race, (IAT)(Race) to measure if any difference in implicit biases are held, and at what level for both school system …show more content…
DoDEA facilities are schools dedicated to military installations to educate students of military servicemembers and civilians living on the military installation. Academic performance will be represented as students SAT scores. DoDEA students SAT scores will be examined against that of students who attend traditional public school systems. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), comparison of the two school systems, DoDEA facilities students are outperforming or performing at the same level as national public school students in disciplines like math and reading. For the pourpose of this research it is of importance to note that the racial academic achievement of DoDEA students is smaller than their public school civilian counterparts. (Smith.S.E., 2015). DoDEA minority students show greater performance in SAT scores versus minorities’ SAT performance in public school systems. What is behind this phenomenon? Could it be that DoDEA students are influenced by experiential constructs such as the acceptance of cultural diversity and this in turn diminished implicit biases and allows for an equal educational experience for minorities, and what can public school systems do to emulate the DoDEA minority students higher SAT scores?
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