The Influence Of President Franklin Roosevelt 's Four Freedoms Speech On The World

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In the first months of 1941, the American citizens were debating the positive and negatives points of intervention in the European War. Hitler was gaining strength. Those advocating intervention and those who opposed it gave speeches throughout the country. A comparison of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech, Charles Lindbergh’s speech, on May 23, 1941, in New York, and Joseph Kennedy’s speech on January 6, 1941, show the divisive views of Americans war and post-war expectations and their inability to compromise. During this debate, no one could foresee the events ending 1941. In his State of the Union address on Jan. 6, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt called for the freedom of speech and religion, freedom from want and fear for all people. He called for a new moral order or the idea that all humans had rights throughout the world. Fear created insecurity and instability in the world. He argued a secure world would create a secure United States. Americans should use their power wisely. It must juggle economic concerns and security concerns. The United States must be aware of her moral duties and her treatment of all human beings. Americans must realize that their decisions regarding war intervention have moral consequences as well as security ones. America needs to rise to challenges just as she has done in the past. The United States must help the allies. If the allies fail, the Axis powers can use their newly conquered resources…

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