Essay on The Influence Of Permian Period On Earth 's Environment

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climate does change, it is almost always in relation to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

According to Howard Lee, a geologist who writes for a website called skeptical science, stated

that the earth 's climate has abruptly risen in the past, as it is doing today. He also says that these abrupt

rises in earths climate has always been destructive for life on earth, causing mass extinction. The

Permian period is an example of this. The Permian period is also known as the great dying because

90% of earths life was wiped out by a sudden release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According

to Howard Lee, scientists have linked the sudden release of carbon dioxide to a massive volcanic

eruption. Fossil fuels are a major cause of the carbon dioxide in earth 's atmosphere today. NASA tested

ancient air bubbles preserved in ice in order to see what the climate was like in the past. NASA found

that there has never been as much carbon dioxide emittion as there is today within the past 400,000

years. NASA stated in an article “ We stand on the threshhold of a new geological era, one were the

climate is very different to the one our ancestors knew”. If humanity continues to burn fossil fuels as it

does now, the climate will not return to its former state for tens of thousands of years. However, there is

still time to prevent this. By using alternative fuels, such as solar energy, humanity can mitigate the

effects of…

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