Parenting Styles In Today's Society

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Parents have a considerable impact on their children’s lives. It is they who will determine how their children's will be raised in the family. In today’s societies, countless parents are trying to have a bigger impact on their children’s lives. The parenting styles that were present in Pride and Prejudice seems a bit harsh compared to modern day. Parents today, are not too worried about whether or not if their kids will be married at a young age. As a result, in the novel, many families believed that if every single one of their children is wed, they will have completed their jobs. Societies have drastically changed, and families today are not as controlling as they were in the novel. Due to our continual progress in family relations, we as …show more content…
Bennet sent them word that they could not possibly have the carriage before Tuesday; and in her postscript it was added, that if Mr. Bingley and his sister pressed them to stay longer, she could spare them very well (ch.12 pg.42),” she was trying to portray one of the main problems that many families usually had during the time, which was marriage. In this scene we can obviously notice that Mrs.Bennet’s meddling made her realize that if her daughters (Jane and Elizabeth) stay at Netherfield a bit longer, then they will eventually start to fancy Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. Parents enjoyed setting up their daughters with potential husband, considering that it would give them the satisfaction that they will be in excellent hands. However, Mrs. Bennet’s way of handling this situation came off a little harsh. She purposefully made her daughters stay at Netherfield with the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy, so that they can find a husband they admire. Numerous modern families today would not put their children in this situation because they may find it unnecessary to push their children to such limits in order to find a husband or wife. However, behavior such as this was common during Jane Austen’s time. Countless women would seek to find a husband that would take care of them. Parents, such as Mrs. Bennet, would always be on the lookout of suitors that can not only take care of their daughters, but also have money that can increase one’s image of their family also. Keeping a good image of the family was a critical issue at the time, so in order to maintain their image, families would need to be selective on who to marry (Historical Context of Pride and Prejudice). Parents would usually be the ones to take control during this process, since they will be critiquing the mate in the end. Nowadays, parents are very lenient towards their children and who they choose to marry. It is no longer a necessity for people, especially women, to marry

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