The Influence Of Obesity In Health

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The essay will look at the prevalence of obesity in adults and wider society. Obesity will be defined along with current UK statistics and an explanation in how obesity is measured. The impact of socioeconomics and the environment will be identified in relation to obesity and the effect it may have on an individual and the wider society will be explored. Following this the campaign change4life will be considered in terms of its efficacy in preventing or improving the epidemic of obesity, this will be identified through analysis of the strengths and weaknesses within the campaign.
This essay will then go on to explore the role of a nurse in assisting an individual to improve their quality of life through promoting health and recovery within adult, child and learning disability nursing. The involvement of the Multi Disciplinarily Team will be acknowledged along with
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Society has become an obesogenic environment, one in which energy-dense rich foods are plentiful and sweets, sugary drinks and fast food are affordable, easily available and widely advertised to all ages. It is also important to consider how many short journeys are now taken by car, along with the number of people who work seated at computers or other sedentary occupations and reduced requirements for physical effort in the home (NHS
Certain groups in society have increased exposure to the determinants of obesity due to the food and physical activity environments in which they live and work. Individuals in low-income groups, typically live in districts with a denser supply of fast food outlets, less availability of fresh vegetables and fruit, and unsafe spaces for physical activity, especially for women and children. Vegetables and fruit can be 30–40% more expensive in poor neighbourhoods. along with the most deprived neighbourhoods having four times the number of fast food outlets compared with advantaged areas. (PHE,

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