The Influence Of Obesity And Fast Food

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I. In this modern society, fast food has quickly been adopted in our culture and been preferred as food of choice.
II. A lot of Malaysians now are influence to eating fast food because it has become one of the easy and fast ways to get it when we are in a hurry or starve.
A. With the popularity of fast food now increasing unexpectedly in the past 10 to 15 Years ago, people have falls in obesity and health problems also have been increasing.
III. Obesity has become a main health problem in Malaysia from 2000-2015, now days 60% of Malaysian adults are being classified as obese or overweight.
IV. According to the Ministry of Health 2015, the number of fast food restaurants has been increase dramatically.
A. Although there
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Firstly, I am going to show you a quick overview about fast food that can cause obesity and why it’s been a major problem in our country.
1. According to a 2010 press release from the Ministry of Health, “Obesity meant as have an excessive amount of body fat in our body”. It can potentially cause health problems and increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
2. Although there are hormonal influences and genetic on body weight, obesity happen when you took in more sugar, fat and calories than you burn through exercise or normal daily activities.
A. A study published in January 2004 in “The Lancet” show that over a 15 year period, young adults who ate fast food more than twice a week gained additional 4 kg compared to those eating it less than once a week.
3. Obesity usually due to a few factors including lack of sleep, pregnancy, inactivity, medical problems, genetics and most important is unhealthy eating habits.
a) Base on obesity facts and statistics, it do not have a specific cause that raise to obesity, but eating habits such as fast food and unhealthy diet is one of the number main
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I believe you should know that fast food known as junk food because it less of nutrition and contain a lot of chemical flavours that can harmful our health. Then, it’s also has too many oil because if they want to cook faster it must need a lot of oil.
I. Before you take a bite of a fast food, did you think how the fast foods are being prepared? Most of the fast food are pre-prepared and then will go through the simple process to complete it.
A. In addition, the preparation part will be add preservatives to make it last longer. Preservatives contain a toxin that is acidic to harm our health and can cause cancer.
II. Moreover, fast food is very oily because it absorbs too much oil into the food. It’s actually like we eating oil.
a. It will be clearly seen that oil contains very high calories and fat that are very difficult to digest in our body can lead to obesity.
b. For the reason above, we should reduce eating fast food and should eat more healthy food.


I. In conclusion, fast food is detrimental to people’s health because it will lead to rising rate of obesity, can harmful our health and it’s contain a lot of chemical and

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