Spread Of Media Essay

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Know how media has an impact on our society nowadays, how media underestimates people’s mentalities, why they tend to use a variety of methods of fabrication to deliver the wrong message to the world, as well as why sometimes the truth is not being revealed to us.

1) What is the impact of media on our society nowadays?

2) Do all media channels and websites tell the truth in today’s world? If not, why do they hide the truth?

3) What kind of misinformation do media spread?

4) Do media ac

5) Who is responsible for the fabrication of the media today?

6) Have media always been telling lies?

The influence of media on our society nowadays cannot be debatable. The media affects how we think and act. It has an obvious influence on its audience. For example, people might base their fashion on what celebrities are wearing, or start having opinions based on what they saw in the news.
Media is known to have negative effects on society. The media feed
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Despite the several forms of print media, its readership has declined knowing that technology had taken over therefore less people are interested in reading news of a newspaper, magazine, etc. However there are still people that actually read newspapers or any form of printed materials on a daily bases. Basically, the influence of print media became less significant over the years.
Broadcast Media
Broadcast media are news reports broadcast via radio and television. Before television became a more reliable source of news, people relied on radio broadcasts to listen to the news. Although radio broadcast became less used there are still people that listen to the radio especially if they’re driving. The majority of people place reliance on the television as their main source of news broadcast and that is because the TV can provide audio and video at once, unlike the radio.

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