Judgment And Judgement Analysis

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Judgment has always and will always be a large influence on society, but it isn’t the same as it is now when it comes to jobs and education. Growing up I was convinced that the only way I was going to succeed in life was if I attended college and got a degree. I soon came to realization that was true based on the mere fact that my mother had a more difficult time finding a job than a mother that had a degree. I always had the choice of if I wanted to go to college or not, although as the years went on it didn’t seem as much of a choice anymore. As the community and world around me started to shift, so did further education and the way you were judged based on your parent’s education and job. Based on the judgment received because of jobs and …show more content…
College was never a big thing in my family, I had family members that attempt to go to college but eventually dropped out or withdrew. With the pressure of my grandmother and my father watching over ever grade I received in high school along with my test scores, I felt as though I was trapped, like I had to go to college or they would be ashamed of me. Getting older meant making decisions that would affect my life later on, this meant college choices, loans, careers, degrees, and most importantly, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Coming from a lower income family on my mother’s side, where all she had was a low income job, gave me the drive I needed to excel in school, whereas my father was considered middle class and put himself through school to get a job that pays better, that also showed me the greater things degrees can …show more content…
Even though my mother was never really fond of the idea of me packing up and going to college, she supported me when I told her I wanted to pursue a higher education in the medical field to reach the career I had been dreaming of. She wanted to give me, “chances that she never had” and wanted me to allow myself to, “get all the education” that I could (344). She knew I watched her struggle for years trying to stay above the water with the little income she had. Despite the fact that she wasn’t excited about me moving away, she understood why I was doing it. She recognized that in society now, you will get better opportunities if you have a further education than just high school. Judgment is such a huge thing in society, that people start to become insecure about things like, where they live, their job, income, and most importantly education. Many people are looked at a funny way when they say they never went to college, but people like my mom couldn’t afford to go because of the baby (me) she just had, which is also why my mother wanted me to continue on my education. By the way that I see people look at her, drove me to want a higher education and get a career that will allow me to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself, no matter the

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