The Influence Of Indian Culture On Music Essays

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Journal #6 “Hunting Tigers out in Indiah” is an interesting article that discusses the influence of Indian culture on music, particularly the Beatles music. As we learned, George Harrison was the Beatle most influenced by the Indian heritage, and he was the band member to incorporate the sitar into Beatle songs. The article discusses simple things like George going to a little convenience shop to purchase a cheap sitar, just to get accustom to the Indian instrument. Although the main focus was the Beatles, the article discusses other bands that incorporated the sound of Indian music to their music. The article will discuss the impact that Asian Music Circle, AMC, founder Ayana Deva Angadi played in making sure that George could engage in the Indian culture. Ravi Shankar, who was introduced to George by Angadi, was George’s biggest influence when it came to sitar playing, mainly because Shankar was known as a profound sitar player. The main point of the article was to discuss how George Harrison’s love of Indian music found its way into Beatles music. Overall, this article gives the reader an opportunity to see how George’s love for Indian culture was able to become a revolutionary implement in the development of Beatle’s music. When reading this article, I thought of my appreciation of country music. When I was in grade school, I enjoyed listening to more of rap and pop music. Once I hit my sophomore year in high school, I was introduced to country music by my friend. I…

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