Immigration Changes In America Essay

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“America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts” (Madison, James). Immigration has been around for centuries, from Christopher Columbus coming to the new world and even in the present days. America has changed throughout the years by immigrants from around the world. For example, America has increased in population, new foods have been introduced, and languages have been learned and taught. The most popular immigrants that came to America are the English, and Mexicans. Immigration has its ups and downs as each immigrant adapts. The English immigrants are the ones who started immigration to the United States also known as “The new world”. The English race came from the celtic tribes (Hanft, Shelden), which is diverse …show more content…
Not many jobs were offered since immigrants did not make an impact in the economy. As years gone by the English started receiving acceptance (Hanft, Shelden). It was much easier for them to do many things in America. For example, The first class immigrants English immigrants favored private schools and colleges (Hanft, Shelden). Although not many English immigrants could afford private schools, many would try anything to get their child in. The colleges were being founded by and supported from english immigrants (Hanft, Shelden)
The English impacted many political aspects in America, and the English Class Dominated the aspects of colonial government (Hanft, Shelden). The country was being divided into colonies, in which each had their own rules. Each colony had their own rules and government based laws. Although some colonies increased or decreased in size, it would not matter to some new immigrants that were still arriving to America. In the 1820, the England Immigration increased and the settlers found it easy (Hanft,

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