The Importance Of Living In The United States

Living in the United States known as the melting pot and the country of immigrants, many today do not feel the need to relate to them and instead look down upon the recent immigrants who happen to be minorities in this country even if they have families living or who have lived her for centuries. Coming to the United states as immigrants and trying to live the american dream that is known to be the goal of this country does not come easy. Various historical events and law cases have helped us but the majority of these events have done the opposite. Classes which talk about topics such as oral history and immigration, many minorities and students who fall and relate to those categories are able to learn and teach others about the information they know and the stories that many tend to be seen as negative. …show more content…
I was born in Orizaba, Mexico in 1995 and both of my parents decided to migrate to the US for the chance of a better life and more jobs available for them. Whenever I think about our family migrating to California, I remember how this would not of happened if the Treaty of Guadalupe did not exist. Most lower US was Mexico’s territory, which the US took away from us unlawfully and did not keep promises to those residents who were Mexican residents prior to the change. This specific event changed the way the US saw Mexicans and the role they had in their previous Mexican states who were now US states and territory. This is the beginning of various events to come that affect minorities and eventually my families destiny and pathway to their

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