Essay on The Influence of Immigration in America

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Running head: (THE INFLUENCE OF

(The influence of Immigration of America)
Bonnie McMullen
University of Phoenix

Thesis statement

America was built by all migrants because this land long before anyone came to this country the land belonged to the Indians. The reason for writing this paper is to learn more about immigrant’s history and immigration today. Why an immigrant can only come to the states with a student or work visa. I want to learn is immigration because the rules are immoral.

Research paper (The influence of Immigration in America)

In the year1776, America brought populations from every race from all around the globe. Humanity has gathered here covered by this country as tourists,
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1630 -1640 is well known for the Exceptional Migration period. The population of Massachusetts went up with 21,000 pioneers coming into Massachusetts more than a half were British. Unfortunately, by 1660 a mass of people who came from Britain to Massachusetts degenerated fast so immigration toward America became crestfallen. Britain started restricting immigration out of England to America.

British Parliament created strict rules that skilled work around the British Isles

Ere not allowed to transport themselves to America. An eruption of revolutionary outrage prevented people migrating from British soil; from about a hand full of people came to America, similar to the rest of Europe.

In 1700, multitudes of German people left their country to search for a less complicated lifestyle because of destructiveness in their homeland. In the western hemisphere and Australia people were being reprieved of their belongings and badly beaten. Many neighbors were being torched and folks murdered. In 1709 rulers attempted to discontinue German immigrants from going to another country but they were not successful in their task. In that same year they arrived in New York. By 1745, 45,000 inhabitants of Germany existed in Pennsylvania. In 1800 more people from Germany immigrated towards America for building family corporations and improvement in style. With inventions in the 1800’s like steam boats and steam trains were able to migrate a

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