Define Happiness Essay

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"Happy was the way we were meant to be" (McMahon, 2005). As simple and straightforward it might sound like, "happiness" is considerably one of the most debated and scandalous word that exists on the surface of Mother Earth. In the modern arena of this complicated world, filled with its convoluted individuals, defining happiness is a really breathtaking task. Surely, an extensive amount of regular people works every day like thirsty dogs to get a bit of markup in their salary which might allow them a scope to redeem some resources to be happy about. In contrast, many celebrities who have strived for or have achieved automatic fame and affluence seems to laugh at those personnel claiming them to be nothing but a bunch of buffoons. Does anyone wonder at the absence of their mind that how can celebrities complain about their flamboyant lifestyle while they are savoring upon a chest filled with riches and the world filled with people that consider them to be their idol? In that case, should happiness be clamped with the stereotypical theme of …show more content…
The process of getting happiness is so intense that people get stressed out just by working on it, which is the opposite of happiness. People are mistaking happiness with monetary values to such an extent that they portray themselves as module failures if they can’t pursue a huge amount of wealth. Though, the reality is, very less amount of people actually earns that dynamic amount of wealth. In the meantime, chasing behind happiness made people so selfish that they have forgotten to produce a bit of smile on others’ face, which is a much simple way of getting happy. The bottom line is, stressing on pursuing happiness never makes a person happy. Without thinking about happiness while leading a rather “regular life” which includes something one love and then to spread the love is a more productive way of living. A productive life, indeed, leads a person to a happy

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