The Influence Of Frederick Douglass On The Civil War Essay

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“What to the slave is the fourth of July” quoted Frederick Douglass, a black man that was born into slavery and made astonishing accomplishments throughout his life. I personally believe that Frederick Douglass had the biggest impact on the Civil war, along with the abolitionist movement. I believe this because of his determination, independent personality and his strength, both mentally and physically. He taught himself to read and write and he accomplished great things through those skills. He experienced many hard ships during his life but always managed to overcome them and impacted American History immensely.
Throughout Douglass’ life we’ve witnessed him time after time make history. You’ve probably heard of him before. He was born on a plantation, his father was most likely one of his masters and his mom, Harriet Bailey. And by the middle of his life he became one of the most known black men in the country. I believe it was the fact that he did not give up on trying to escape from slavery that made me believe he had to greatest impact on the abolitionist movement along with the civil war. Or maybe it was the fact that he was the first African American to hold a high United States government rank.
He was born onto his first plantation where his mother passed away at the age of 10 years old. He was taught the alphabet at age 12 by his slave masters wife. When his master found out about these lessons, he put an end to it, immediately. Frederick continued to show an…

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